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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Book excerpt...while we wait.

Shimmering stainless steel knife, a cutting table with mummy there and before long the new baby cries. Definitely a kitchen right! Not this time, because mum is on the table and the surgeon is with the knife. The baby's cry is emerging from nowhere else but from between the doctor's hands after a successful operation.
The surgical theatre is a fright for everyone, women as well. Women especially, might have need for surgery for a number of reasons. But there's one of the surgeries women go for that men can never i.e. the caesarean section. Before the advent of surgery, there was only one method of child birth -naturally (via vagina). Almost every woman desires a natural delivery, but in delivery just like in all other spheres of our lives, we don't always get what we want. Those with the mentality that they can never have a caesarean section have engendered avoidable pre and post surgery trauma as well as avoidable maternal death.
Some women know in advance, while other women are informed after prolonged labor or none at all that their baby will be delivered through a caesarean section. Women...

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More excerpts to come...

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